Portfolio > Then and Now (2016)

Light, time, and movement are at the core of my inspirations. Years of pondering how space, energy, and the human fit together drive my art making. The Buddhist and quantum notions that form and void are one and the same guide me in capturing change and transformation with gestural marks, works that barely appear, anthotypes that will disappear over time, and plantable works reimagined seasonally.

Obsession with exploring the nature of materials, processed or discovered, has pushed variation into the imagery I create. Minimal images showcase the delicate nature of layered soft pastels. Pouring dyes onto canvas forms layers of stains. Pieces of plants create negative spaces on photoreactive surfaces. Charcoal found in a fire pit leaves graphic marks.

A few years ago I started blending my art practice with materials created or grown in my garden and kitchen. The wait for the materials to be ready for harvest is an important step for me, and I savor the moments when growth in the garden or kitchen show me the passing of time. When harvesting art materials from the garden my goal is to encourage the health of the garden. I refuse to remove all of the blooms from a plant because I want to leave some pollen for the bees and to allow the plant to make seed. My goal is to continue to blend and balance my art practice with nature, be it wild or controlled in a garden.

This exhibit was at Heartland Community College January-March 2016.