Portfolio > Seeds and Scobys (2015)

Dye Test on Abaca
plant dyes on handmade paper
Kombucha and Seeds
kombucha scoby etching and wildflower seeds
11x9 inches
Kombucha Book
kombucha scoby etching, tourmaline watercolor
10x22 inches

Collaboration with Lisa Lofgren.

We are exploring the possibilities of creating artworks that are ephemeral and use some nontraditional materials such as seeds and kombucha scobys. Kombucha is a fermented tea made using a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast called a scoby. The acidity of the kombucha infused scobys allows them to etch zinc plates in 5-7 days. The structure of some of the first works are inspired by the familiar and tactile nature of books and paper. As we moved from the rectangle of the common book we added the flow of forms from nature, leaves falling, grasses swaying, and seeds blowing in the wind. As these explorations develop, our intent is for many of the works to have a life beyond the walls of the gallery.

This exhibit was at Jan Brandt Gallery in August 2015